Delayed Healing Options

Treatment options exist if your symptoms continue longer than 3 weeks and even up to 15 years!  This realm of therapy is always evolving and there are some excellent providers across the country who can help you in your recovery.  Here we will outline the types of therapy you may want to research in your area and what you should expect from these therapists.

Physical Therapy

From headache management, neck pain, exercise progressions, to dizziness, a PT can be vital to your recovery.  Learn about the different ways a PT can help you recover.

Vision Therapy

Vision therapy can be life changing post concussion / TBI.  Vision therapy can assist with headaches and eye strain during reading, difficulty with reading comprehension, and difficulties in school or at work.  To learn more explore our section on vision therapy.

Speech Language Pathology

SLPs can assist with more than just swallowing disorders!  A specialist in this area can help you with cognitive therapy assisting with organization and attention among many other skills.

Occupational Therapy

OTs serve many different purposes post concussion / TBI.  They can assist with skills around the house, hand and wrist injuries, vision therapy and much more.  Learn more in our section about Occupational Therapy

Primitive Reflex Integration Therapy:

A new way of looking at an old technique.  PRI can be completed by a variety of healthcare providers.  Our co-founder and her colleague developed a new treatment paradigm for treating concussions/mTBI which has now been published in peer-reviewed journals and presented at local and national conferences.  If your provider isn’t able to treat Primitive Reflexes have them visit our Provider Portal to learn more!

This exciting new treatment paradigm is great for head injuries from 3 days to years after your injury!  Get started now!