Physical Therapy Treatment

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Physical Therapy

Physical therapists can offer a wide variety of services post concussion.  If you were not managed properly you may simply require proper manual therapy and strengthening.  If you were managed properly but are continuing to have symptoms you should look for a therapist with advanced training in the following two types of therapy:

a. Vestibular Therapy – Vestibular therapy is available for patients who experience dizziness, lightheadedness, “room spinning” sensation provoked by movement, or recent onset / worsening motion intolerance / car sickness.  Through the use of treatment for vertigo (which can be done in the first few days post injury) or the more advanced services of vestibular habituation therapy a good therapist can get you back to doing all the activities you love.  Some patients may describe frequent nausea, nausea provoked by movement, or headaches associated with body or head movements.  These patients can also benefit from habituation therapy when the cause is related to the vestibular system.

b. Cervicogenic Dizziness – Another type of dizziness exists!  This type of dizziness can only be fixed with therapy addressing the neck.  A trained physical therapist can identify cervicogenic dizziness from vestibular dizziness and will be able to work on the neck’s proprioception (awareness of where you are in space) to eliminate this form of dizziness.

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