Healthcare For Concussion Recovery

Welcome to our fellow healthcare providers!

We are so happy to help support you and your patients in the recovery process from mTBI / concussion.

Please view the following video for a quick overview of our site.

The table of contents below will guide you to the crucial sections of the site to answer questions specifically for your patients.

Our exercise portal is ready to go – have your patients simply watch our video on the progression page and sign up.  The site will tell them everything they need to know – one phase per day, do not to advance if their symptoms increase during or after exercise, and most importantly – to exercise in some capacity every day.

For the provider looking to learn more, in Quarter 3 of 2022 you will be able to take our new module based learning courses. Appropriate for PT, ATC, and even MDs would benefit from our patient evaluation and dysautonomia modules!

(*Phase 1 course content coming July 1, 2022! We offer discounts for bulk purchase so please contact us at to learn more about this process)

Primitive Reflex Integration: A New Treatment Paradigm for Concussive Injuries

Unfortunately PTWebucation was not able to survive the pandemic.  This lead to creative thinking and we are happy to announce that Phoenix will be able to support online, CEU approved education in Quarter 3 of 2022!  Check back to learn more then.  You can email to be put on a notification list when we are ready to launch!

Lauren and her colleague Chelsea created this treatment paradigm in Park City, UT.  In 2021 the first ever article introducing Primitive Reflex Integration Therapy was published in IJAHSP.

Watch this video for a brief overview on the best practice recommendations for the first 24-48hrs.  If a patient is further out but hasn’t been doing anything for recovery – we would still recommend starting with these recommendations!

Early treatment recommendations: supplements, Return to Learn, school/work accommodations and blue light filters.

Early therapy options including: manual physical therapy, vertigo treatments for dizziness, and craniosacral therapy.

More advanced treatment options for continued symptoms after 3 weeks.

Vision therapy for headaches, difficulty with computer use/reading, poor endurance with work/school related tasks.

Benefits of vestibular therapy for patients with acute symptoms – vertigo or for chronic dizziness or activity intolerance.

Watch this video to learn more about our Return to Life and Sport Exercise Portal.  We created this standardized, progressive exercise program to guide your patients on daily activity between visits.  Our hopes are to improve overall concussion recovery, decrease the negative effects of deconditioning, and help to solve the problem of ambiguity in the return to sport process.  Our program is based off the latest research and utilizes self -guided scales such as the RPE scale to tailor the level of effort to each patient.  A “Completion Certificate” at the end of Phase 5 can be saved and brought to your clinic for proof that the patient completed their required steps – helping to limit liability for your practice.

For a very detailed walk-thru on how exactly you can use this site to enhance your practice please watch this video.

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We are hoping to support you and your patients in any way possible.  Please feel free to contact us at: if you have any more questions or would like to discuss further how we can work together.