The first ever study was published detailing the potential role Primitive Reflex Integration Therapy can play in concussion recovery!  Published in 2021.  Check it out for free here!

An expansion on Lauren’s initial case study was published in 2021. This article details the treatment strategy that is the basis for her clinical practice.  Check it out for free here!

We are so happy to announce that the first ever study on Lauren’s integrative visuo-vestibular treatment protocol was published in July 2019! This article details the treatment strategy that is the basis for her clinical practice.  Check it out for free here!

Lauren has been busy presenting new research at a variety of courses.  Here are links to some of the abstracts:

  1. ACRM Annual Meeting 2018 & APTA’s CSM 2018 – Potential Role of Primitive Reflex Integration.
  2. ACRM 2018 & APTA’s CSM 2018 – Integration of Visuo-Vestibular Therapy

Lauren recently wrote an article discussing helmets – when to replace, what they prevent, what kind of helmet to buy.

She also wrote an article for Heber Valley Life Magazine about what to do to prepare your kids for the upcoming season, the benefits of baseline testing, and a brief overview on concussions.

Our Co-founder Lauren Ziaks was recently interviewed on Park City, Utah’s KPCW to briefly discuss concussions leading up to PC Connect’s panel discussion on TBI and mental health.  Check out her interview here!

Then read this great article summarizing the panel discussion in the Park Record.  The Park Record may ask you to sign in to read the article.  The content is free so have no worries about signing up!

Our relationship with Concussion Talk has been an incredible experience.  Check out our podcast collaborations with Nick below.  Our goal is to promote concussion awareness and education.

Lauren and Nick also collaborated to bring you a course series on a wide range of topics in the world of concussion.  Each class is short (<10mins) and Listenable has so many other great courses for you to try!  Here’s an overview.

Episode 10 is among our most important! Here we detail dysautonomia and the impact on concussion/TBI recovery.  We also discuss the details of dyfunctional breathing which is a common side effect of TBI and can occur with OR without dysautonomia.

Episode 17 is another big one!  Here my colleague Kristina Hanson joins me to discuss all things POTS.  This one is more conversational and we cover a lot!

Episodes 14, 15, & 16 were a 3-part series on Chronic Pain.  Give these a listen if you want to understand why some pain becomes chronic pain, how the brain changes under pain, “nerves that fire together wire together”, and of course, how to start to work towards a pain free life!

Lauren was a guest on Concussion Talk’s podcast Episode 78 “Intimate Partner Violence & Traumatic Brain Injury”.  A panel discusses the complex world of IPV.

Lauren was a guest on Concussion Talk’s podcast “Concussion in Women & Girls”.  A panel discusses all things concussion in the context of the female world.

In Episode 12 we discuss Persistent Postural Perceptual Dizziness (3PD).  Chronic dizziness is a misfiring in our brain and can easily be treated with the right interventions!  If you’ve had dizziness for >3 months, this one is for you!

In Episode 11 Lauren and guest Katie Mitchell talk about the importance of physical therapy and specifically vision therapy in the care for concussion.

In Episode 9 Lauren and Nick talk about the importance of evidence based treatment for anxiety, depression, and post traumatic stress disorders.  There is so much out there that can help us with both our conscious and our subconscious stress and anxiety.  Check it out and then find an incredible provider near you!

Episode 8 is important for everyone, brain injury or not!  Here sleep health, cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia, and the negative effects of sleep aids are discussed.

On episode 7 Lauren and Nick discuss her presentation at the annual ACRM conference covering Primitive Reflex Integration and concussion management.

Our first Facebook Live event was a difficult endeavor but we are proud of the result.  Here Lauren and Nick talk all things concussion/TBI including their own stories, how they got into the brain injury field and answered questions regarding social implications of concussion, how to handle emotional swings, and advice to listeners.

Parts 1 and 2 of Lauren’s review of the American Physical Therapy Association’s Combined Section Meeting from 2018.  Part 1 reviews the 2 posters presented at CSM including vision and vestibular therapy for the first 10 minutes and our groundbreaking work in Primitive Reflex Integration for the second 10 minutes.  Part 2 reviews the content provided at CSM and discusses chronic concussions, exercise, and return to function!

In collaboration with ConcussionTalk, Lauren joins in for a discussion on yoga and brain injuries.  Listen in to learn about the different types of yoga, how to get started, and how to accommodate your practice to you!

Listen to our 5th episode today! A review of what we know and what we don’t know about CTE from the Brain Injury Summit in Vail, CO.  Featuring our co-founder Melinda Roalstad.

Listen to our 4th episode today! A short, 15 minute review of supplements for your brain both immediately after injury and for long-term recovery!  Featuring Bri Goslin – a graduate from USC.  Check out our nutrition page to learn more.

Listen to our 3rd episode now! A quick 14 minute review of accommodations for school, work, and college!  Check out our accommodations page to learn more!

Listen to our 2nd episode now! A quick 13 minute review of exercise for brain injuries.  Why do you get that brain boost with exercise and how can you capitalize on it?

Listen to our 1st episode now! A quick 10 minute intro to all things Phoenix, concussions and healthcare.

Lauren recently discussed concussions, technology in the medical field, and Phoenix in this podcast by PTTechTalk.  Check it out below!

Melinda discussed the importance of baseline testing for concussion identification and management with the Park Record in August, 2017.

In the March issue of PT in Motion Lauren was one of four specialists interviewed for a Feature Article on Concussions.

Read more about concussions in winter action sports by the Denver Post.  Melinda was able to provide some incredible insight for this article.

Read a feature article from the Deseret News on Wasatch PT’s program and Lauren’s shift to concussion management.

Read Lauren’s Defining Moment essay from the American Physical Therapy Association’s PT in Motion.

Check out featured videos and podcasts from collaborations with Flowing Freeride and Concussion Talk Podcast: