Post Concussion Recommendations

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Safety First!

Following a concussion, all risky behaviors and activities should be avoided!

The second injury is always the worst!

A recent study showed that athletes playing just one additional play took 50% longer to recover!

Avoiding high stimulus environments i.e., the grocery store, concerts, and crowds will also help early on with recovery.

REST, Relaxation and Mindfulness

Rest, mindfulness, breathing, true relaxation and self-care should be implemented straight away following injury.  Learn more here.

Accommodations for work and school

Early accommodations can make all the difference in recovery as well as keeping you or your child from falling behind in school.  Don’t wait for a 504!

What you CAN do:

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Benefits of early exercise

After the first 72 hours (3 days), light cardiovascular exercise should begin!

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Nutrition: The Do’s and Don’ts

A high protein diet in the first 24-48 hours has been shown to help with recovery.

Hydration is crucial during recovery!

Avoid: caffeine, stimulants, and alcohol

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Cognitive rest: screens

This includes the computer, phone, video games, and TV!  These items cause eye strain and headaches sometimes long into recovery (for those individuals, please see our Advanced Treatment section).

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Watch this video for a quick overview of the first 24-48 hours post concussion.  Please remember that these are best practice recommendations and you should always consult with your medical provider.