Concussion Treatment

**All the following recommendations are based on the latest research available and our clinical experience. 

Use these best-practice recommendations to find a high quality provider in your area!**

Early Recommendations: 0-72 hours post injury

Watch the video above for a quick overview on the first 24-48 hours.

The recommendations in this section are the ones we provide to our patients based on the latest research.  Learn more about what you should do early in your recovery.  Always be sure to consult with your own medical provider for any treatments or questions.

Early Therapy Options: 72 hours to 3 weeks post injury

Early therapy can help immensely in the first week of recovery.  Learn more about the treatment options that may be available in your area for symptoms such as: dizziness, headaches, and neck pain.

Treatments for Delayed Healing: 3+ weeks post injury

If you find yourself continuing to have symptoms post concussion, there ARE treatment options out there!  Learn more about the different types of therapies available for injuries lasting longer than 3 weeks such as: persistent headaches, eye pain with reading/computer use, dizziness, balance issues, difficulty with memory/organization/concentrating and difficulty at work or school.

Return to Life and Sport Exercise ProgramJoin us for a standardized exercise progression back to Life and Sport in our Exercise Portal.  You will be able to track your symptoms and progress until you return to your favorite activities.  You should check with your medical provider to be sure you are safe to begin this program.