Vision Therapy Treatment

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Vision Therapy

Vision therapy can be a crucial piece of your recovery post concussion!  Vision therapy can be completed by a PT or an OT (see below) but should always be supervised by a Doctor of Optometry (OD).  We prefer ODs with the specialty certification FCOVD.  To find these special types of eye doctors in your area please visit their organization’s website.

It is crucial you are treated by someone who is qualified in this area.  As an evolving therapy, not all providers will be created equal.  We recommend FCOVDs as they will have the highest level qualification for the neuro-optometric exam and will likely be linked with appropriate providers in your area.

Symptoms benefiting from VT:

  • Headaches and / or fatigue with school or work activities
  • Headaches / eye pain / eye strain / blurred vision with reading or close work
  • Headaches / eye pain / eye strain with computer use or phone screens
  • Dizziness / eye pain / strain / headaches with head movements i.e., switching between a computer and the school board, the speedometer and the road when driving, or between people in a group conversation setting
  • Difficulty keeping your place when reading
  • Frequently re-reading the same sentence / poor memory with reading

Why to see a special OD:

  • These eye doctors are not your typical providers!  The standard eye exam only looks at acuity or quality of vision.  Traditional ODs are able to tell you your prescription if you need glasses for near or far.  They can also look at your eye health for diseases like glaucoma.
  • Specialty ODs are looking at the eye’s quality of movement, how your eyes work together (binocular vision), how your eyes communicate with your brain, and how efficiently you do all of these tasks!
  • Sometimes these ODs will prescribe a temporary reading lens or even a prism lens.  These glasses will help you as a “band-aid” until the therapy begins to work.  They are worth the investment (you can even fill them at Costco or Lenscrafters type store) because they often provide immediate relief!  These lenses will allow you to be able to complete your homework or duties at work until the hard work during therapy allows you to return back to baseline or possibly even better than baseline!

It is estimated that upwards of 50% of concussion patients could benefit from some form of vision therapy!  If you are struggling and “no longer like reading” or “have to work harder to maintain the same grades” why not see if you are one of these people!

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