Early Exercise After A Concussion

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After the first 72 hours (3 days), light cardiovascular exercise should begin!

Early exercise below symptom thresholds  promotes blood flow to the brain and improves the speed of recovery.  Pay attention to your body!  Your symptoms should not increase during or after exercise >2/10 points.

This means if you start at a 2/10 headache, you should not exercise to the point that your headache increases to more than a 4/10!

You should feel energized at the end of your 20 minute exercise session.

Recommended options:

  • Stationary bike
  • Walk the dog
  • A walk around the block
  • Gentle swimming – once cleared by a healthcare provider

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If your exercise intolerance (symptoms increasing with exercise) persists, you should be evaluated by a healthcare professional as there are a variety of reasons this can occur.  You can listen to our podcast on dysautonomia to learn more!