Screening For Concussions

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Avoid screens! 

This includes the computer, phone, video games, and TV!  These items can cause eye strain and headaches experienced long into recovery (for those individuals, please see our Advanced Treatment section).

If you must use your screen, remember the 20/20 rule: 20 minutes of close work, 20 minutes of rest.

To ease use of screens, you have several options:

1. Blue blocker glasses – patients have liked the Gamma Ray glasses on Amazon the best.  These can even provide relief in overhead lights.

2. Apple Iphone 6 and up – “Night Shift” mode in the display settings will filter blue light on your phone.  You can decide if warmer or cooler tones feel more relaxing on your eyes.

3. Android phones – download a free “Blue Light Filter” app from the Google Play Store to adjust the lighting on your phone.

All individuals would benefit from adding a blue light filter to their phone – especially on a timer before bedtime.  The light from our phone can keep us up at night or cause restless sleep!