Do You Have A Concussion?

Complete serial observations of symptoms.

If worsening, seek medical care immediately.

Recovery general follows the guidelines below, however if your progression is delayed (>2 weeks) please seek the treatment options listed in our Treatment Section of this site.

  1. Early symptoms: Complete recommendations provided in our site, you can listen to the video instead of reading to help with headaches and eye strain.
  2. Returning to sport for the athlete: Seek qualified health care provider for Return to Sport progression and clearance.
    • Most states require clearance from medical provider prior to return to organized sport.
  3. Returning to activity for the active individual:
  • Begin easy activity.
  • Be careful not to exercise to a level that increases your symptoms >2/10 points.
  • You may then progress through graded exercise program slowly until you are able to reach pre-injury fitness.
  • Remember running causes jarring to your brain and should be added in after a bike and elliptical.

Phoenix recommends both physical and cognitive clearance prior to returning to impact and contact activities.  Please seek this assistance in your area. 

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